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The restaurant industry often finds itself at the forefront of social consciousness, whether it be diversity initiatives, programs to help people find jobs, or donating to those in need. So it’s no surprise that the restaurant industry is exploring eco-friendly opportunities. According to , single-use plastics make up 40% of plastics produced around the world. Restaurants across the globe are taking steps to reduce their individual carbon footprint, and a reduction in single serve plastics can often have a positive impact on the bottom line, and increase diner appeal as well.

Single-use plastics are all around us, from the take-out forks to the soy sauce packets and straws. Many municipalities have put waste-reduction policies into place such as no-straw and no-plastic bags. These initiatives have shown us that it is possible to live without these items, and
there are many creative solutions to eliminate single-use plastics. Don’t be fooled, this initiative doesn’t mean we are asking you to stop sending out doggy bags. You may be surprised to find the range of alternative bio-degradable, renewable and compostable solutions.

Swapping out single-use plastics for multi-use options can reduce your overhead over time, as you spend less – and less frequently – on replenishing single-use items. Diners take notice, and often show their appreciation by favoring those restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos
that share their eco-friendly commitment.

A longer term solution to the single use plastics issue is right on your tabletop. cheforward TM offers dinnerware, displayware, accessories and boards made of durable melamine that are guaranteed to last. With a 2-year warranty on breakage, you can provide your guests with a superior dining experience and help eliminate single-use plastics on your tabletop. With 19
collections to choose from, and custom capabilities as well, cheforward can meet your aesthetic and help you reduce your carbon footprint. It is imperative we lead on these initiatives by sharing our values with the communities in which we operate, and work to eliminate single-use
plastics 1 item at a time.

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