graupera – oven to table

Cooking can be a means to an end, but ideally it is a natural expression of self and an extension  of one’s creativity. Culinary creation is a gift, which delivers exciting flavors and exotic  experiences. Blending flavors, textures, and smells, chefs pour ingredients, hard work, and  themselves into exquisite dishes. Certainly, then, a chef’s dinnerware should be up to the job of  being the vessel of these creations. The best dinnerware should cook dishes evenly and to  perfection, enhancing the conception of each culinary masterpiece, and elevating each dish to  an even more memorable experience.  

Oven-to-table meals can be simple and familiar, dressed up by ornate dinnerware, or  complicated and multifaceted presented in an elementary display. Either way, these dishes  should be able to not only help to create the recipe but also showcase the thought, design, and  detail that goes into each dish. Cooking in something that is functional and beautiful delights the  senses and adds a literal fresh-out-of-the-oven experience to the meal.

graupera - oven to table
graupera - oven to table

The STONEHEART® collection by Graupera is what every chef needs to bring a culinary  creation from the oven directly to the table. This dinnerware has a classic terra cotta look in a  totally watertight, resistant, and durable material and is made with all-natural elements. Adding a  terra cotta touch to your table will lend personality and warmth throughout the room while  achieving an “organically-modern” feel. 

The masterful minds at Graupera, with 60 years of ceramics experience, use an exclusive  double-fired, fully vitrified technique to create a new generation of terra cotta. STONEHEART®  has zero porosity and is fully vitrified, for maximum durability. This is a benefit over other terra  cotta dinnerware, which can chip and break easily. STONEHEART® doesn’t just look the part, though, it can be used in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher and oven, and even go directly  from freezer to oven, to bring warmth and freshness to the table. STONEHEART® is available  in 3 beautiful finishes.