what makes a meal insta-worthy?

what makes a meal insta-worthy?

Gone are the days of boring diner menus with dry pancakes thrown on a white plate as a featured photo. With 403 Million uses on Instagram, #food tells the story of how much people love to take pictures of a great meal. We see patrons doing it all the time, but what makes a meal Insta-worthy and why is it important? Your customers have now become your marketing department, and by sharing their meals with their contacts, you are building awareness of your brand and expanding your reach for FREE! We have a few tips and tricks to help both you and your customers take the best Instagram photos possible.

It’s no secret that some people are more photogenic than others, but did you know the same is true of food? Color is king when it comes to Insta-worthy dishes, and garnishing with green will make any dish POP off the screen. Pizza was the #1 most Instagrammed food worldwide in 2019, according to cooknst.com, and throwing fresh basil on top can make all the difference in getting your customers to take a picture and tag your restaurant.

Plating has an enormous impact on a meal being Insta-worthy. #sushi has been used over 27 million times on Instagram, and it’s well known that Sushi chefs take great pride in plating and presentation. As the #2 most Instagrammed meal in 2019, sushi is pleasing to the eye and irresistible to shutter happy Instagram users. What do sushi chefs do well? They use a mixture of colors, textures, and negative space to create a mesmerizing plate that should be emulated across cuisines.

Speaking of plating, it is essential that your displayware and dinnerware are Insta-worthy as well. Your dishes are only enhanced by tableware up to the task. cheforward TM has a collection to suit your every need. Beautiful boards to enrich your pizza picture taking. Delightful dinnerware to emphasize the artistry of your colorful creation. Breathtaking bowls that take soup from boring to brilliant and much more. While you focus on cooking, cheforward serves to enhance your creations and encourage patrons to post about your masterpiece.

With colors and plating down, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of great photography. Lighting and a steady hand are everything. Be sure tables are well lit where possible and shoot food from multiple angles. Instagram users are drawn to the details, juices running out of a steak, steam pouring off a bowl of pho, or mozzarella melted to mouth-watering perfection on that perfect pizza slice. Don’t be afraid to lean in and play with angles to get that perfect shot. Moving the dinnerware around and taking up the entire frame with the dish makes for an Insta-worthy photo!