upscale Casual is all the rage

upscale casual is all the rage

The notion of a white table cloth meal providing the best cuisine is simply no longer true. People are more time-crunched than ever when it comes to food, so speed, quality, and affordability are all essential. So it’s no surprise the fastest trend in dining over the past several years has been in upscale casual dining. Quality ingredients in affordable chef-driven menus merge with quick service to combine for a dining experience consumers crave. Consumers also want the speed of ordering from a counter with the ability to be served top-quality food at their table that they can finish quickly.

Upscale casual restaurants are also a benefit to restaurant owners. Knowledgeable staff run counter service as food runners keep the food moving to the floor quickly, reducing the number of staff needed. Consumers are looking for a high-quality experience without the need for a reservation. Restaurants can operate in smaller spaces, with quick table turnover, leading to lower overhead. Consumers are budget conscious now more than ever, and with improved margins, restaurants can drive volume with the speed of upscale casual and offer a high-quality chef-driven menu at an affordable price.

With an upscale dining experience, all senses should be engaged at the table, the smells of fresh bread, music playing softly in the background, and the decor. Tabletop elements like dinnerware and displayware are also critical to effectively elevate an eating experience. cheforwardTM  provides chefs with the perfect palette to play with, providing their cuisines with the most upscale presentations. Colorful boards provide a pop of color to the table. Beautiful bowls and plates complement the chefs’ creations and enhance tabletop presentations.

 The consumer is still looking for a fine dining experience when they go to an upscale casual restaurant, and dinnerware is the perfect way to enhance the experience. Fast-casual restaurants still have an assembly line cafeteria feel to them, while upscale casual is bringing the best chef has to offer to the table. The possibilities are endless with upscale casual dining, and consumers are flocking to see what the chef comes up with next!