Designer Spotlight – Chen Lipeng




Chen Lipeng is a renowned porcelain designer in China. He followed in his family’s footsteps by entering the porcelain industry after earning his Bachelor’s degree. A designer for Don Xiang porcelain factory for nearly a decade, Lipeng has earned acclaim for his innovative hotel and restaurant industry designs.

With three distinct styles, the following collections curated and designed by Lipeng will favour any aesthetic. From the earth tones of the Southwest to his innovative textures, each piece will add a unique sophistication to any commercial kitchen or your next event. Click each collection below to get an expanded catalog view.







1. Nourish Collection

Warm, earthy colors and shapes reminiscent of the Southwest. Crafted with vitrified porcelain each piece is dishwasher safe and heat resistant to match its Southwestern upbringing. This collection has a range of dinner plates, soup bowls, rim plates and displayware that will wow your guests and give them a taste of the Southwest.







2. Create Collection

Innovative designs providing the ideal palates for chef creations. These pieces are built to last and come in a variety of distinct shapes. Rectangle, square, and oval plates etched with a textured leaf make elegant dessert and sushi trays. The bowls make beautiful serving dishes. Create special dinner moments, and provide the perfect dining experience for your customers. This collection comes in white to accentuate your culinary creation.








3. Prevail Collection

A strong, bold statement of shapes and textures. This collection comes in matte black and white. This is Lipeng’s most versatile collection and comes in an abundance of dinnerware and displayware options. The prevail collection offers numerous sushi and natural looking display pieces that are dishwasher safe.