creating a custom tabletop

What truly makes a memorable meal? The venue is tasked with providing a multi-sensory experience. From the sounds and smells as one enters the doors, to the fine details in plating that wow the customer. Ambiance is the well-executed symphony of a sights, sounds, smells, and textures. It’s an emotional response to one’s environment and a true test of character for a restaurant. Ambiance is most successful when the experience wraps its arms around a customer and they lose track of time. 

The culinary experience is only enhanced with a custom tabletop, customers can’t forget. The chef works to expand the customers’ palette with a fearless approach to cuisine and custom tabletop solidifies the experience for the customer. The shapes, forms, and textures of tabletop inspire curiosity in the customer. They pause to look and touch before taking the first bite. They too are inspired by the “dish,” as the cuisine and tabletop work in perfect harmony.

cheforward aims to delight chefs and foodies alike. Providing innovative designs that elevate the culinary experience. Our collections offer colors and textures that “WOW” with a first impression. We allow the food to remain the start of the show and work to enhance the meal for the customer. From ramekins to trays our collections beg to be touched and our bowls hold your hand right back. Our inspiration is providing you the tools to transcend a traditional tabletop.