Melamine Serving Boards Petrified Wood

Bring History To The Table With Lapis Melamine Serving Boards

The beauty of centuries-old, fossilized wood is mesmerizing. Petrified wood elevates the original splendor of ancient trees with exquisite colors and markings. Now, this beauty is captured with a series of serving boards that pair the visual appeal of petrified wood with the easy care and use of melamine.

Lapis Collection BoardsAt first glance, the Lapis Collection boards look like vibrant, one-of-a-kind works of art. But upon closer examination, these serving boards are not petrified wood or stone but durable, washable, stain and oil-resistant melamine! The lapis boards currently come in 2 unique shapes – a natural rectangle shape and a round shape – both with handles. Each shape is available in 5 distinctive patterns/colors.

Petrified matter can be many different types of colors depending on the minerals involved. This is why no petrified material is exactly alike. Iron will create reds and yellows. Blue and green hues come from manganese and copper. Crystals like quartz will give the fossil a glittery appearance.

Lapis CollectionThe rich patterns found on these serving boards are sure to complement whatever you serve on them. Get the bold, colorful patterns and earthy look of petrified wood with the long-lasting durability of melamine in cheforward’s patent pending Lapis Serving Boards! All cheforward products are made from the highest grade materials. Our melamine products are dishwasher safe and include a two slabsited warranty against breakage.


Cheforward’s quest for 1nspired Innovation™ and uncommon products has led us on a search for the world’s rarest materials. Strong relationships with some of the most respected geologists and access to some of the largest private petrified wood collections in the United States allows chefoward to deliver exclusive patterns and finishes you won’t find anywhere else.

After carefully selecting the perfect pieces, the fossilized wood samples are sent to the studio where our photographer utilizes cutting edge technology and high magnification macro photography to capture the unique characteristics of nature’s design. Once the pattern has been accurately represented in an extremely high resolution / megapixel file our designers work with the patterns to find the perfect placement & fit on a blank canvas created especially for your table or buffet.


Melamine BoardsSeñora Sunrise
Named for the Mexican state of Sonora where this stone is found, señora sunrise is has vivid green/turquoise, deep red, and black colors. Native Americans use this as a healing stone.





Lapis BoardsParrot Wing
This vibrant stone, known for its brilliant greens and blues characteristic of colorful parrots, is found in Mexico.





Petrified Wood Serving BoardsPinolith Agate
Rare pinolith agate was first discovered in 1873, in Austria. It has a delicately stark black-and-white design reminiscent of flower petals.





Lapis CollectionGold Canyon Jasper Agate
Known for its brilliant gold hue, with green and brown accents. Like all agates, this is believed to have a calming influence.






Melamine Serving BoardsThunderstorm Agate
At once warm and moody, the browns, grays and tans recreate the emotion of a thunderstorm, and elicits the drama of the volcanic activity from which many agates are formed.