Bowls in the Spotlight

As with most trends these days, we have social media to thank. The hottest dances, the trendiest outfits, and the latest challenges all become popular via social media. It should come as no surprise then that the “bowl” trend has roots in social media as well. Wellness bloggers and influencers looking for new ways to get followers began featuring colorful nutritious meals in bowls on social media, and the concept went viral. Bowls lend themselves perfectly to meals throughout the day, and with Millennials keen on trying new foods across ethnicities, fusion foods and bowls are a match made in heaven. 

The green juices and smoothies of the early 2000s are quickly being replaced by Acai Bowls. These tasty bowls feature a thicker-than-smoothie texture that requires a spoon and is topped off with other tasty treats such as fresh fruits and granola. Acai Bowls are more than just a quick smoothie after the gym, they serve as a meal and one might argue they are the new breakfast parfait. 


Another tasty trend being served up is the Poke Bowl. These delicious bowls are a deconstructed take on sushi. While delicious, sushi is not well suited for eating on the go and Poke Bowls serve to fix that problem. They also give the Millennial customer what they crave most: ethnic flair and customize-ability! Customers build their bowl much like one would order a burrito. If you haven’t seen one of these Poke Bowl restaurants pop up in your neighborhood, you can be sure one is on its way. 

International cuisines LOVE to be served up in bowls. Pasta and noodle dishes are routinely served up in a bowl, containing the broth, sauces, and protein. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes are often served up in bowls of various shapes and sizes as customers build a meal from the various dishes and ingredients on the tabletop. Bowls give chefs the ability to layer flavors and pile on ingredients and control portion sizes, all-the-while preserving the aesthetics of the meal. After all, did the customer even like the meal if they didn’t take a picture of it? 


With endless recipes for chefs to experiment with, cheforward™ has a bowl for every meal. The balance collection offers chefs the perfect blend of matte terracotta exteriors with black lacquer interior finishes in a wide variety of unique, eye-catching shapes and sizes. For a truly exceptional look, rainex collection’s rain-kissed finish gives a sleek dimension to dinnerware. Bowls that hold your hand right back make an infuse collection perfect for any Asian dish. 

Bowls may have their roots in soups and cereals, but they have successfully crossed over into a more expansive and exploratory genre of food. They are versatile across healthy fare, multiple ingredient combinations, and international cuisine and help chefs to control presentation and portion sizes. Bowls are now being filled with everything from burritos to Baba ghanoush, and we don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon!